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Experienced. Collaborative. Friendly.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve gathered a group of diversely talented and highly motivated individuals who believe problems are best solved collaboratively. Our experienced team work with you to unleash the power of pixel-driven connectivity.

Principal & Founder

Warren Wilansky

In 1998, just three years out of university, Warren co-founded Plank with his personal savings and a dream to make the internet a beautiful place. With no formal business or entrepreneurial training, he’s graduated from a real world MBA by turning Plank into one of the most highly respected boutique digital agencies in Canada. His high standards and ability to create and maintain strong client relationships are the foundation of the company’s success. But enough about him – Warren truly believes a company is not an entity unto itself but a reflection of the people who make it special.

Managing Director

Steve Bissonnette

As Plank’s longest serving employee (over 12 years!), Steve is the embodiment of the company’s evolution. In 1999, he became our first full time lead designer and was responsible for the quality of much of our early work. As the team grew, Steve’s natural leadership ability and attention to detail made him the best person to serve as Managing Director, using his innate ability to find slick, elegant solutions to all our technological challenges, while keeping creativity and usability at the forefront.

Creative Director

Gary Brazier

Since 2007, Plank’s creative vision has been placed in GW’s immensely capable hands. A self-taught designer from the age of twelve, some of his previous gigs include Senior Designer at Airborne Entertainment, Art Director for The Montreal Mirror, and Co-Founder of Blue Dot Communications. Asked to sum up his design philosophy, he turns to a Cary Grant quote: “It takes 500 small details to add up to one favourable impression.”

  • v1.0 Photoshopping Since
  • 1 Billion+ Pixels Served
  • 10,000+ Hours Playing Bass

Interactive Director

Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer’s days with us are almost as old and numerous as the agency itself. Her early, award-winning Flash work helped put Plank on the map as an agency pushing the limits of online interactive projects. In 2006 she returned from some time living in East Asia, and we jumped at the chance to have her back on the team. Immersing herself in HTML and CSS development, she quickly became our resident browser-bug-busting expert, and still sets the standard for our pixel-pushing production team. Her experience, efficiency, and desire for results translate into amazing work, on time and within budget.

UX & Mobile Development

Geoffrey Weeks

Geoff joined Plank in 2004 and quickly established himself as a core member of our team, with his diverse skill-set and focus on interactivity and motion graphics. Coming from a background in music, photography, and film, he brings artistic sensibilities to every project, while his programming and managerial experience guarantees that all those little technical issues are never overlooked. Geoff’s role at Plank is now focused on channeling our well-honed interactive and interface design skills into mobile development, ensuring that the quality of all our mobile projects exceed expectations.

Senior Developer

Patrick McFern

A self-described “anti-stereotypical” programmer, Patrick is a health and fitness nut that comes to Plank with formal training from both Concordia University (BA Computer Science) and Vanier College (DEC, Computer Science). He has a ton of experience, including stints at Motorola, OZ Communications, and Airborne Entertainment, and he blends his dry wit into his ability to work – and deliver – on multiple projects simultaneously. He has a profound love and respect for several extreme sports, still can't describe what style of music he listens to (metal something?), and can likely bench-press you and your momma.

  • 369 Tasks Completed / Year
  • 128 Workouts / Year
  • 3,156 km Snowboarded

Senior Front-End Developer

Jean-Frédéric Fortier

JF is an expert in ... a lot. He compliments his HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills with a strong sensibility for user interface and user experience. When he’s not busy squeezing every last bit of quality from every pixel (in every browser), he’s ensuring sites are perfectly optimized for search engines, or teaching us how to get even more out of Google Analytics. Building web sites is an art and a science, and lucky for us, JF has a gift for both.

Office Manager

Colin MacKenzie

As a former label owner, artist manager, tour coordinator, and festival organizer, Colin came to bookkeeping by way of indie rock. As our ‘numbers guy’ he keeps Plank organized so that our team can focus on delivering killer projects. But we love that beyond the books he’s a true creative at heart. A producer and director of music videos and documentaries with a BFA in Photography (University of Ottawa) — and a wicked taste in music, to boot — it’s all made him right at home here at Plank.


John Hodges

John originally studied finance, and fell into programming quite by accident. Luckily for us he decided to make it a permanent move. He began dabbling with PHP about 6 years ago, and has been coding professionally for four. John also has the solid backing of years of experience in Linux system administration and Linux-based VoIP systems. He has also been running competitively for a little over three years and has run 12,000+ km since. Some quick math puts that at an average of 10km every single day (and Montréal has some very cold, very snowy days).


Sean Fraser

Sean is a graduate of the Communications Studies and Computation Arts programs at Concordia University. Sean is our jack-of-all-trades, excelling in both front- and back-end web development, though he has built himself a niche as Plank's WordPress expert. When not programming, Sean fills his time with other geeky activities, such as gaming and tabletop RPGs.

  • 485+ Steam Titles
  • 44 GB of Soundtracks
  • 1 Dog

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