From Vimy to Juno: An In-depth Look at a "Digital First" Experience

Case Study Demonstration at Museums and the Web Conference

Jenna Zuschlag-Misener of the Juno Beach Association and Warren Wilansky of Plank will present a case study of a "digital-first" exhibition at the Museums and the Web Conference in Cleveland.

If you are attending the 2017 Museums and the Web Conference, be sure to stop by our booth on Thursday evening, where we'll be demonstrating both the process and the end result of From Vimy to Juno virtual exhibit.

Producing a multi-year, expansive digital project from scratch is never easy. With a “Digital First” focus, the various parties involved had to redefine the relationship between physical / virtual space, measuring visitor engagement and meaningful interaction. This case study will share with attendees the ups and downs of working together on a collaborative basis, ensuring that all of the different team members, and involved parties were at the table and how the project was defined since day one. Visitors will leave with a better understanding of how a similar project could be introduced at their own institution.

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