Fantasia Festival 2017

One of the best genre festivals in the world

We’re big supporters of arts and culture here at Plank, and we’re very proud to be a partner to Fantasia, one of North America’s most important and unique film festivals.

2017 marks the 21st annual Fantasia Festival. What started as a niche film festival has expanded to become one of the biggest and best festivals for all kinds of weird and wonderful films. Fantasia stands out in their incredibly diverse programming, and their audience’s sense of discovery and willingness to be challenged.

Plank’s involvement with the festival goes almost all the way back to the beginning, when founder Warren Wilansky designed the website while working with HBE software in 1998. Plank has been taking care of Fantasia’s online presence since 2003, making them one of Plank’s longest standing clients.

We look forward to attending the festival every year.

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