Festival of Live Digital Art

We've been following the smart people at SpiderWebShow for a while now. They're interested in the space where live performance and the internet connect. Obviously, we're interested in that, too. So we're supporting the inaugural festival and sending Marketing Coordinator, Erin Whitney, along to check it out in person.

Plank is proud to support foldA — the only festival of its kind in Canada, exploring and presenting live performance integrated with digital technologies. Companies from across Canada will be commissioned to create programming that can be experienced by live audiences in Kingston and digitally by audiences across the country. 

Another component of the festival is The StartUp — an industry series that introduces live performance professionals to what is happening and possible in the online age. Through debates, discussions, workshops and keynotes with some of #cdncult’s most exciting creators, we’ll be wrestling with the question: What is live Canadian performance in the digital age?

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