Hope XI

New York's Hackers On Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world.

From July 22nd - 24th 2016, Debbie Rouleau attended the 11th annual Hope conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC.

Organized by the 2600 magazine editorial staff, the HOPE Conference is an event held every two years in New York City for anyone interested in the world of hacking, IT and web security, digital arts, electronic and amateur radio workshops, and so much more.

We first heard of HOPE from Debbie who, while being a frontend developer here at Plank, also has an interest in the world of web security, ethical hacking and questions concerning privacy and online identities. Hope has always been referred to her as one of the best conferences to attend on these subjects, so she is taking her vacation to fill her brain with creative talks and activities!

Why HOPE? While DefCon in Las Vegas is viewed as THE Hackers Conference to attend worldwide, HOPE Conference has always be a close contender for the title. Taking a more ‘friendly’ and ‘white hat’ approach, Hope is a multi-disciplinary event for hackers and makers that love to learn about and tinker with everything! Hope is a wonderful opportunity to learn from thought-provoking speakers, to meet other talented people, and to play around with ways to make the IT world better. 

List of speakers: Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing / Gabriella Coleman, McGill / Richard Stallman, GNU / Vivian Brown, EFF / Cindy Cullen, (ISC)2 / Many, many more...

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