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An app for Repercussion Theatre

We asked the cultural community for a challenge, a problem for our team to solve in one day. We received this one from Repercussion Theatre: “We tour Shakespeare in the Park in English, but want to make our shows as accessible as possible to people who don't speak English (specifically francophones, but others as well.) I'd love some sort of mechanism whereby an audience member could follow along with the french text... We'd love some help!”

Our 4th Plank Hack Day focussed on culture. The resulting project was an app for Repercussion Theatre’s production of Julius Caesar, performed in parks around Montreal over the summer. The app allowed Francophone audience members to follow Shakespeare’s text in French, with prompts pushed from the stage manager to alert them to the current scene being performed. The pilot project was a success, and we're looking forward to developing the app further. 

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