Shakespeare in the Park

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Plank attended the first show of Repercussion Theatre 2016 season to help launch the Hack Day project that we collaborated with them on to better serve their francophone audience.

Repercussion Theatre presents an all-female production of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. This political drama investigates the fine line between personal ambition and the general good, and —with a cast of only women— explores the relationship between gender and power. The production includes a high level of stage combat, live drumming, and (as always) a strong aesthetic style.

This summer will be the testing ground for an exciting new pilot project. This year, all Montrealers will be able to enjoy every nuance of the Bard’s English thanks to a brilliant innovation through a collaboration to develop a mobile website for our May 2016 Hack Day. For the first time ever, Francophone citizens will be able to follow the text by reading French sub-titles on their own smart phones … pocket Shakespeare! Repercussion Theatre was chosen from a group of non-profits who answered our appeal to local organizations for challenging, hi-tech problems for us to solve.

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