The Breakfast Club #10

UP CLOSE In The Wild! Through the Lens of NJ Wight

The Breakfast Club is a social and informative speaker series. It’s an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow industry enthusiasts while gaining insight on hot topics. And there’s breakfast!

NJ Wight photographing an elephant

UP CLOSE In The Wild!

Through the Lens of NJ Wight

A passion project turned profession, NJ Wight left the executive boardroom behind to pursue a creative life when a love of photographing wildlife abruptly collided with the 2008 stock market crash. A lively and passionate speaker, NJ Wight relies on her past lives as an aspiring stand-up comic, inspiring university instructor and successful business executive to suggest new ways of "seeing" by weaving together tales of Wild! photography and conservation issues with the personal and professional challenges of living a creative life. It is all a great big story still being written...

Canadian-born Nancie Wight worships at the altar of digital content – in all its forms – and has spent 25 years playing in the intersection of  technology, communication, media and art. A one-time academic turned business executive, she introduced and developed multimedia curriculum in the early nineties and by 2000 was shepherding a Montreal start-up towards the front lines of the emerging mobile content industry. A trip to Africa in 2008 would unknowingly change her life and she abandoned the Boardroom for the backseat of a Land Rover. 

As a photographer and storyteller, she brings her audience UP CLOSE to the extraordinary wildlife that has transformed her thinking and shaped her creative expression. With a growing urgency she is working to educate and spark a connection between her audience, the extraordinary animals she photographs and the conservation crisis that is threatening their existence.

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