The Breakfast Club #4

Geeta Nadkarni: Good Communication is About Listening

The Breakfast Club is a social and informative speaker series. It’s an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow industry enthusiasts, while gaining insight on hot topics. And there’s breakfast!

Our 4th Breakfast Club featured Geeta Nadkarni, former CBC journalist turned PR consultant. She shared simple, effective communication strategies that work, even with limited resources. In a nutshell, good communication is about listening, not talking.

Her talk covered:

  • The top 5 common mistakes that entrepreneurs and non-profits make
  • How to create press releases, blog posts, tweets that "listen"
  • How to think about a global communications strategy that includes both social and traditional media, and how to use them to generate outside-the-box opportunities
  • The best tools to get all of it done by deadline

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