We’re always accepting submissions for our next Hack Sprint.

Plank is a digital design studio that wants to help make the web - and the world - a better place.

We think it’s important to carve aside some of our time each year for pro-bono work. This is a call for non-profit organizations of all stripes - arts, culture, health, social justice, journalism - to submit your digital challenges and let our team of experts work on solving them.

What's a Hack Sprint?

We'll assign part of our team to work on your submission over a two-week period. This is an opportunity to test out a new idea or improve on what you have. Depending on the idea, we might come up with a wireframe, a prototype, a proof of concept, or a finished product. You can read more about the kinds of pro-bono work we've done before.

The Plank team during one of last year's Hack Days.
The Plank team hacking away

What kinds of projects are we looking for?

You tell us! No, really. We’re keeping the criteria very loose because we want a broad range of submissions. We’re looking for ideas that would challenge us, or that would make a meaningful impact on an interesting organization.

Heck, we’d even consider dispensing with the non-profit criteria if your idea is basically altruistic.

Start the conversation

So if you have an idea for us to work on, use the form below to tell us about it. We’ll get back to you if we need more information.

Our next Hack Sprint has not been scheduled, but we invite your ideas to keep on file.

Prefer to call? Don’t be shy :)

Get in touch with Warren Wilansky, our President and Founder, at (514) 875-0003 x221