We're very excited to present a preview of our 4th Breakfast Club event next week with Geeta Nadkarni!

Speaker: Geeta Nadkarni
Title: Good communication is about listening
Synopsis: Geeta will cover some simple, effective communication strategies that work (even when you have limited resources).
Date/Loc: June 17th, 2014, 8:30am until 10:00am
Good communication is about listening. Not talking. Or broadcasting.

Simple, effective strategies that work. Even when you have limited resources.

Do you feel like you might be the last person on earth to not really “get” social media? Do you spend hours carefully crafting press releases that nobody ever reads? Is “fun” not really the “f” word you’d use to describe your media strategy?

Here’s the thing: you’ve been lied to. Because, as your spouse will helpfully point out, good communication is about listening. Not talking. Or broadcasting.


As a former CBC journalist with more than 2 decades of experience in print, TV, radio, web and now social media, I've studied and studied (and STUDIED) the fine art of storytelling. And what I've realized is that told the right way, your story has the power to unlock some serious opportunities for you and your brand.

Opportunities that will help set you up as an authority in your industry. Press releases that will make producers want to pick up the phone and BOOK you. And speaking engagements that will pull in a sizeable side income.

My talk will cover:

— Geeta

Our guest list for this event is completely booked, but if you 'd like to attend our next one, please email warren@plankdesign.com.

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