Montreal’s cultural aficionados, yogis, the art vernissage crowd — they all know about the Belgo, but . . . do you?

Getting to know the Belgo Building:

Plank's been a part of the Belgo for over a decade. There are lots of little things we have spotted over the years that make working in this iconic building even more “interesting”.

One new piece of Belgo trivia we discovered this fall was that our office was previously occupied by a company called Aavanti Tuxedos — first as a whole warehouse and then secondly as a split warehouse and stone washing factory. The irony here is that Plank’s President, Warren Wilansky, would rather starve than ever wear a Tux.

If you've never visited the Belgo Building, we encourage you to spend an afternoon or a even just a lunch hour to come explore the great Belgo. We promise you will see the unique charm that makes this building so special.