Montreal is famous for its festivals. The sun is shining and the season is now in full swing, with so much good stuff to choose from. From June through to October the city is packed from the Old Port to Jarry Park with Music, Art, Film, Sport and Cultural events catering for all tastes and ages.

Things take a turn for the ‘freaky’ this week as internationally renowned Fantasia Film Festival 2015 kicks off. We are proud to have been working with the Fantasia team for the last 13 years to produce the festival website. It’s a challenge that we look forward to each year, turning a 400 plus page festival catalogue into a one-stop online destination to support the hundreds of feature length and short films participating. Fantasia 2015, taking place from 14 July -  4 August, is bigger and better than ever before and to celebrate our involvement we’ve got some tickets to give away. Sign up for our mailing list and you could get yourself a pair of tickets. Our love of the Festival scene goes beyond film. We asked the people of Plank to give us their top event pick and here’s what they had to say.

Jenn Lamb - Creative Director

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Jenn: MURAL which coincides with the St-Laurent street sale. - June

Plank: What’s so good about it? Jenn: Aside from having pedestrian control over the main strip, there’s shopping, live music, street performances, food galore, and tons of live art on a huge scale. Plank: Famous for? Jenn: The best part is discovering the hidden gems throughout the year when you suddenly find yourself taking a back street and come across some stunning street art you had no idea was there all along. Plank:Family or Friends? Jenn: It’s definitely a festival for everyone, plus their dog!

Marie-Ann - Front End Developer

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Marie-Ann: I can't choose one! My favourites are Jazz Fest, Igloofest & Just for Laughs - June / July - January / February - July

Plank: What’s so good about them? Marie-Ann: To discover artists or simply listen to something new/different. It doesn’t have to be a big event, I can pass by over a lunch break, on after work and it feels like a vacation every time.
Igloofest is the only kind of festival where it’s OK to dress in a ridiculous winter suit from the 80's or 90's! The Mood is simply to enjoy winter as we all did when we were in elementary school.
Plank: Family or friends? Marie-Ann: Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs are definitely for everyone. Igloofest is more of a party to enjoy with friends.

Jason Koskie - Project Manager

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Jason: Pop Montreal - September

Plank: What’s so good about it? Jason: It is a music festival spread across the city. Plank: Famous For? Jason: Exposure to lesser known music artists and intimate shows with more well known ones. Over the years it has grown to include a film, art and other events. Plank: Family or friends? Jason: Both, in addition to nightly concerts there is a Kids Pop with activities for families.

Cassandra Sera - Project Manager

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Cassandra: Many, but Just for Laughs - July

Plank: What’s so good about it? Cassandra: It's funny and who doesn't like to laugh?! It's a chance to check out all your favourite comedians no matter how famous or how obscure. Plus, all the food trucks and free activities also help make the festival super fun. Plank: Famous for? Cassandra: Montreal is famous for the festival. Montreal / Canada have a booming comedy scene and is known for its comedians. Plank: Family or friends? Cassandra: Some activities / shows are kid-friendly but most of the comedy sets are adult only.

Andrew Rose - Project Manager

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Andrew: Pop Montreal, but you already have that so an honourable mention goes to The Montreal Folk Fest. - June

Plank: What’s so good about it? Andrew: The event really came of age this year. I attended last month with my two kids and they loved it. Plank: Famous for? Andrew: First of all it's completely free. It’s right along the canal in a beautiful setting. The weather was great this year, the music was excellent. There was a lot of activity but it never felt overwhelming. Plank: Family or Friends? Andrew: This is maybe the most family friendly music festival the city has to offer. At least for younger kids.

Warren Wilansky - Founder & President

Plank: Favourite Montreal Festival? Warren: Le Burger Week - September 1 -7, a cross-canada celebration of burgers! - September

Plank: What’s so good about it? Warren: Well, um burgers? For 1 week, burger joints in different cities make a special burger just for #LeBurgerWeek! And you get to vote for your favorite ones. It’s a good excuse to try out some new spots that I may never go to otherwise. I am, a creature of habit. Plank: Famous for? Warren: All participating restaurants need to create an original and signature burger for the week and the public votes on their favorites. Plank: Family or Friends? Warren: For everyone because, everyone needs to eat.

As a digital agency we’re always keen to see how technology can help enhance a situation. At the various events I’ve attended so far this year I’m surprised to see a lack of digital interaction on the ground - it feels like a missed opportunity to create a truly connected experience for visitors. All events we’ve mentioned above have a website, some have an App. These are useful tools for event planning and accessing general information before you go, but what about when you’re there on the day? Could these festivals drive better engagement if they added features that allowed visitors to connect with the event and their social communities via their phone or tablet? Could better connectivity have an impact on participation and sales as event participants become mini-promoters, sharing pictures and posts from their great day out? We think so.

Whether it’s promoting a hashtag so shares trend, allowing visitors to share messages with big-screens surrounding the stage or pushing geo-targeted information alerts, these events could be better still with an extra dose of digital. With loads of Festivals still to come in Montreal this summer we hope you get a chance to explore what the city has to offer. Remember to sign up for our mailing list for your chance to win a pair of tickets to a Fantasia 2015 show.  First ten people to respond win!

Competition open to people aged 18 years and over. Winners must be available to collect the tickets from the Plank Office in Montreal. Prize is 2 x  non-transferable ticket coupon for an available Fantasia Show. Winners must take their coupon to the Fantasia Festival Box Office to exchange it for a show ticket. Tickets not valid for all shows. Check the box office for details.