One of the more interesting encounters at SXSW was with The Tweeture [@thetweeture]. Tweeture was an inspiration to me - basically where I want to be 5 years from now - stuffed with tech and being passed around from person to person. I think The Tweeture hails from the Isle of Munster (near the Isle of Mann) out in the U.K.

I acquired him from @AmyVernon on the last day, and we went on a little tour.

Well, maybe acquired is not quite accurate. I think he chose me.

Making some new friends with @hippyjo

Always searching for a dinner, The Tweeture then snuck up on local (as in Montreal) songstress Katie Moore! Watch out Katie! He got your PIN number!



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Here, we bump into Hazel Grian, who was down in Austin with The Umbrella Group. Suddenly Tweeture is well behaved. To put it in geek-perspective, Tweeture is to Hazel, as Cylon is to Daniel Graystone.

As soon as Hazel went on her way, Tweeture is all "got a fag, mate?". I tried to ask for proof of age, but got a bite for my troubles.

He mentioned something about having to call his turf accountant. It's tax season, so I understood. However, there was no way he was using my phone. He was a big football fan. Kept wanting to know the score. Was quite insistent about it actually.

He then threw a tantrum about riding a Segway. I felt they didn't give him legs for a reason, but I couldn't see the harm. 2 broken toes later, I understood why.

Decided he could use some food. I knew the perfect place. Habana on 6th.

As you can see - Tweeture == Total. Player.

I think the antenna turns purple when exposed to Tequila. This was the drink with the closest colour/consistency to blood, so I think he liked it.

Tweeture ordered a pulled pork, and you can see how the bloodlust took over.

I suggested the pork. I'm told its the closest to human flesh.

Eventually, the time came for us to part. I graciously let him continue on his trek with @ericisshort.

I later met my nemesis, Tweeture, on stage for a final debate. I challenged him about all the people he's eaten, and well, as you can see, it got a bit heated till I bopped him on the head and stormed off stage.