Confoo, here in Montréal, has been one our go-to conferences for our developers.

The conference bills itself as a not-for-profit, multi-technology 3-day event. It's grown exponentially over the past few years, and boasted 600 attendees from around the world, and a staggering 145 sessions/9 concurrent streams for 2014.

This year, Patrick and Sean attended. Here's a bit of what each of them experienced:

Pat's view:

"Having attended for the 2nd time in a row, a lot was familiar this time around: same venue, same general scheduling and even a number of familiar faces. Similarity is a good thing because this conference is well managed and executed. The 2014 edition overcame some of the issues with 2013 which I’ll dive into a bit later.

With 9 concurrent streams over 3 days, it’s hard to have the exact same experience as anyone else. With that in mind, the topics are spread out in a way that there aren’t too many sessions you’re dying to go to at the exact same time. I was often lucky in having a choice between 2 strong options per timeslot, but not disappointed that I had to pick between them.

Overall, most of these talks were quite strong. The speakers were generally quite good and knew their subjects well. From a technology angle, nothing was “mind-blowing”, but instead interesting or it helped reinforce some of the concepts we employ. There was no resounding “omg, we need to use X”, where the focus was a bit more about how to manage legacy projects and adjusting overall process and approach to programming."

Pat's talks attended:




Sean's view:

"Since Pat discussed the event in general, I will try to dig into the talks I went to see what useful info I can bring back to the Plank team. Pat and I ended up having a lot of crossover in terms of choices of talks. Though there were 9 concurrent streams, one can only keep track of so many languages at a time so we ended up with a narrower set of choices. I tried to pick talks regarding both front-end and back-end discussions, with topic mix of optimization, best practices, emerging technologies and new workflows.

As Pat mentioned, we didn’t really feel any of the new technologies were essential, but I picked up quite a few best practices that I either wasn’t aware of, didn’t fully understand, or wasn’t taking full advantage of before. Here are some things that I took note of:

Backend Optimization

Frontend Optimization

Sean's talks attended:





See you at Confoo 2015!