Celtic Soul

A journey of football and friendship

Celtic Soul is a documentary film that spins a tale of soccer fandom spanning miles and generations. Jay Baruchel and Eoin O’Callaghan set out on an epic road trip that takes them through Canada, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as 200 years of ancestral and sport history.

A Digital Hub for Documentary

The online home of Celtic Soul is a complement to the documentary film, where visitors can find information about where to see the film, view additional footage, explore a history of the Celtic Football Club, and share their own stories.

The website gives fans a chance to get to know Jay and Eoin as they begin their road trip and discuss the deeper points of sport, community, and history. Users can visually follow the map of their journey beginning at Jay’s home in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood. Through short bonus videos, they delve into the parallels between fans of the Celtic Football Club and the Montreal Canadiens, as well as explore the history of Irish immigration in Montreal.

Enriching and Engaging

As users scroll through Jay and Eoin’s road trip, they are gracefully flown from location to location on an elegant, interactive map. The destinations are accompanied by online-first video content that can be unlocked through social media engagement. This close integration allows the filmmakers to develop a conversation with their fans and draw them into the film’s world.

The community section compiles tweets with the #celticroadtrip hashtag, and offers another opportunity for users to read and submit personal stories as they are inspired by exploring the site and keep the conversation going.

Celtic Soul Community Page
Celtic Soul Community Page
Celtic Soul Community Page

Easy Updates and Automated Content

The custom content management system that we built for Celtic Soul allows the client to easily promote events, update screening and show times, as well as moderate the community section.

Celtic Soul Screening Page

We also developed an automated system where users can unlock exclusive video content by Tweeting specific hashtags to receive a secret link.

What We Did
  • Used Mapbox to plot road trip landmarks
  • Built an automated content unlocking system
  • Built a custom content management system
  • SEO optimization
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Funding application consultation

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