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Bringing research to life

Explore Concordia is Concordia University’s online research application tool. A web app designed to promote the relationships between various professors' research and allow them to show off their latest work — reinforcing Concordia’s position as a leading academic institution for research.

Moving from Static to Flexible

Concordia came to Plank with an outdated online research application platform that was primarily built with Adobe Flash to promote their research on large screens at events. In order to support the increased use of mobile and tablet browsers, Plank transitioned the entire site to an HTML base — providing Concordia with a more flexible web design to better showcase its academic talent.

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Scaling for Size & User Experience

Plank worked closely with Concordia’s Research department using an agile methodology, where much of the app was open to interpretation with many cycles of stripping down unnecessary functions and refining what they wanted to keep from the original database. Plank redesigned parts of the app to improve functionality and decrease loading time. We created an adaptive website that shares the same content and code, but is scaled logically for an improved user experience across all devices.

Explore Concordia on Mobile
What We Did
  • Digital strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Adaptive code (Phone, Tablet, Computer and 40”+ TV’s)
  • Backend code (including Oracle DB integration)

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