Where Digital Comes Alive

Canada’s first Festival of Live Digital Art brought together artists and audiences to explore the role of digital in the performing arts. We were pleased to support the festival as their digital partner.

Conversations and Experiments

This brand-new festival sought to engage creators and participants in thought-provoking discussion while showcasing experimental performances in various stages of development.

They needed a visual identity and a website that spoke to the innovative nature of the festival.

As part of our commitment to the arts, we came on board as a sponsor to provide an online home to showcase the festival’s artists.

FoldA Homepage

Simple and Bold

We began with the development of a simple wordmark, with emphasis on the “A” for “Art”. We chose bold contrasting colours and simple dot grids paired with curved and wavy lines for personality.

The website provides the standard information you would expect; schedules, venues, accessibility and contact information, travel and accommodation, and — of course — registration information.

FoldA Performance Screen

We used simple icons to distinguish between performances, conversations, and livestreams. We also allowed the festival organizers to tag performances based on their stage of development, whether Alpha, Beta, or Golden.

We integrated a simple button that could be added to any performance so that the artists could collect feedback from the audience. This was an important element of the conversational nature of the festival, and a valuable addition for the artists as they develop their experimental work.

FoldA Schedule
FoldA Schedule
FoldA Schedule

While the structure and content of the site are relatively straightforward, the design elements make it stand out from more traditional festival and conference sites.

FoldA Programming Page

Easy access and updates

We used a custom Wordpress install to allow easy access to the content management system while being able to customize the design of the site. We used custom post types for a tailored back-end and leveraged Wordpress’s built-in functions to do so without resorting to too many plugins.

We look forward to future iterations of the festival and finding new ways to engage artists and audiences through this digital hub.

FoldA Makers Page
What We Did
  • Logo and visual identity
  • Custom Wordpress design
  • In-kind sponsorship

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