One Sweet App

Helping Canadians manage their sugar consumption, one teaspoon at a time

To coincide with the release of Sugar Coated—a compelling investigative documentary about the North American sugar industry—the filmmakers collaborated with Plank to create One Sweet App, a first-of-its-kind tool to engage, educate, and mobilize Canadians regarding their sugar consumption.

World’s First ‘Free Sugar’ Tracker

Do you know how much sugar you consume in a day? It’s likely more than you think. One Sweet App is a Native iOS personal health and nutrition app designed to help users track their daily sugar consumption.

Plank worked closely with nutritionists from the University of Toronto to create a complex algorithm that factors the nutritional values of food products and identifies both total and hidden ‘free sugars’ amounts—juices, concentrates, and syrups, for instance—in packaged foods.

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One Sweet App Screenshots

We developed features to allow users to review and track foods and beverages or submit their own, adding to the product database. The data is captured, calculated, and presented with ‘recommended daily amounts’ and product-by-product comparisons. No other application in the world offers this type of information.

One Sweet App Goals View
One Sweet App Goals View
One Sweet App Goals View
One Sweet App Screenshots
What We Did
  • Community-driven CMS
  • Automatic consumption of 3rd party content
  • Logo development and branding
  • Social media platform integration
  • Funding application consultation

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