A new website in honour of forty years of Rush

With more than 40 million records sold worldwide and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rush are certified ROCK LEGENDS. Needing a website to reflect their rock god status, their management called on Plank and Happy Cog to create a new and improved online home to kick off their R40 Tour.

Website Redesign & Fan Community

We began by revamping the site to include the necessary responsive layouts for today’s browsing needs. From there, a complete discography was expanded to include credits, liner notes, lyrics, awards and chart positions—everything on every super fan’s wish list.

Rush Homepage

A New Home for Fans to Interact and Share With One Another

Having a true Rush fan like Happy Cog’s Greg Hoy on board kept the focus on the fans. What is music without an audience, after all. New commenting modules allowed fans to upload and share photos, videos, and stories from the live shows—from their last tour and all the way back to the beginning—keeping the Rush experience going long after the tour ends.

Rush Mobile View
Rush Community Section Rush Community Section Rush Community Section
Rush Mobile View
Rush Visitor Statistics
What We Did
  • User profiles
  • Information architecture
  • UX design & strategy
  • UI design
  • Front-end development

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